Two people from Mwalala ward in Chama District have been trampled to death in separate incidents by an elephant which has been terrorising people in the area.

In the first incident a 39 -year -old man of Zoole Village in Mwalala ward in Chief Kambombo`s chiefdom in Chama District was trampled to death on Monday night.

Both Chama District Council Chairman Miggy Kabandama and Mwalala ward councillor Fatwell Thulu have confirmed the incident to ZANIS in Chinsali today in separate interviews.

Councillor Thulu said the first incident happened on Monday around 19:00 hours and the victim has been identified as Boyd Mukulamu.

The Ward Councillor said the victim was in the company of his friend cycling from Zoole to Katangalika area when they met the elephant few kilometers before reaching Kasuzu community school.

The two jumped off the bicycle they were riding on in an attempt to run away from the elephant but the victim was pursued by the animal which trampled on him to death while his friend managed to run away.

Councillor Thulu narrated that the friend to the victim who managed to run away, went back to check on his friend but could not find him hence went back to the village and informed the residents in the area about the incident.

The councillor added that the victim was found trampled to death yesterday morning when residents went to search for the missing person.

The Councillor Thulu has described the untimely death of Boyd Mukulama in his ward as devastating.

The second incident happened between Mulumbu and Zoole Road today where a lady age between 20 and 25 years has been trampled to death by an elephant.

The incident happened around 09:00hours as people in the area were going for the funeral of the late Boyd Mukulama who was killed by an elephant on Monday night.

The woman has been identified as Stafel Mkisi from Mulumbu village.

By press time the elephant was reportedly chasing mourners in Mwalala Village and officers from the Department of National Parks And Wildlife are yet to arrive in the village.

Meanwhile, Chama Council Chairman Miggy Kabandama says officers from the Department of National Parks and Wildlife have been dispatched to hunt down the animal.

Mr. Kabandama has further appealed to the Department National Parks and Wildlife to control the movement of animals in the community before many lives are lost.

The Council Chairman has also cautioned people in the area to stop moving at night in order to protect their lives from the wild animals.


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