Profile & Services

What you get From Us

Komboni Radio is a “Radio Air Time” product. Our comprehensive service/product range, which continues to grow through market research and development initiatives include:

  • Current Affairs
  • Market research
  • Interactive platforms
  • Advertising
  • Customer Radio Advert Design
  • Radio Advert Production
  • Radio Sweeper Production
  • Outside Broadcasting
  • Outdoor Advertising
  • Product Road Shows

Not limited to the above, our highly innovative members of staff are open to embrace your ideas to greater heights.

How our clients ensure that they can be completely satisfied with the products and services we give”

Since 2009, Komboni Radio has been strategically researched to engage a maximum radio audience reach, operating commercially with our new transformation; we are able to successfully maintain complete control of our various client services and need

By maintaining this total control, incorporating different communities, we are confident that our clients advertise when they want, how they want, and where they want.

With Komboni Radio, quality and reliability are paramount. Our well thought tailored and researched Radio concept makes us achieve this with certain standards, examples of which follow:

Project Teams: These Teams serve as outreach vehicles to give our clients that personalized touch! Teams continuously adhere to strict quality to sign offs and work closely with the clients.

Preferred produced: Preferred production ensure that you have the best service quality guaranteed.

Outside Broadcasting: We realize that your products have to be advertised on your preferred time, and our reputation is built upon that promise. We are so confident that our outside broadcasting, will guarantee you efficient and effective response.

Media Consultants: Research plays a vital component in every business. Komboni Radio offers a market research platform for best performance results. Working closely with various institutions, reputation and quality is enshrined in our research services.

Quality Guaranteed: If when you are not satisfied with Komboni Radio’s range of services and products, we welcome your input. We also work very closely with our clients giving a personal touch to ensure quality guarantee

“Why go to such great measure to build long term mutually beneficial relationships with our clients”

Due to our stringent Research and development practices continues to partnership relationships, Komboni Radio offers services that suit your audience. With Komboni Radio we thrive on developing long term, mutually beneficial relationships with our clients.

“Innovation —how does Komboni Radio keep redefining the playing field of radio broadcast?”

We do not pretend to be “all things to all people”, or the “best at everything”. Our goal is to develop long term, mutually beneficial relationships with our clients that require our care services with a passion

We realize that every business is different and therefore has unique needs when it comes to market.  Our business development managers and concept consultants work closely with our clients to understand the dynamic of their business and develop the right package.

Our consultative approach to collaborating with clients, our ability to do what others could not and cant and our expertise in kr_toon_8providing maximum audience reach beyond the ability of others are established points of difference and advantages that Komboni brings to its clients. With close to 80% of Zambia’s population residing in high-density areas or rural areas, Komboni Radio provides you a representative audience making it the broadcast station of your choice