Government has warned manufacturers of spirits known as tujilijili and Junta to follow laid down regulations and procedures or face the wrath of the law.

And Zambian Breweries country director Jose Moran has called on stakeholders in the alcohol industry to help consumers develop smart drinking habits and make good alcohol choices.

Speaking during the third Multi-stakeholder meeting on Alcohol Landscape in Zambia, Local Government Minister Vincent Mwale, who was represented by Margaret Kapanda, reiterated government’s concern over alcohol abuse and the illicit alcohol trade in the country.

Mr Mwale said government was ready and committed to ensuring that the right policies were instituted that would manage the sector.

And Mr Mwale said illicit alcohol in the sector could not remain unchecked and measures would be put in place to ensure that responsible sale of alcohol is placed not only on the producers but also the retailers.
He said penalties would also be placed on the last person in the value chain as it was the responsibility of the retailer to identify the supplier of alcoholic beverages.

Meanwhile, the Local Government Minister commended stakeholders for their efforts in ensuring sanity in the alcohol industry and responsible drinking.

He said it was saddening that despite the rules and regulations in place on alcohol trading some people were deliberately not complying with the law.


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