Car washers who were recently displaced from a piece of land where they were operating from along Lumumba Road in Emmasdale are demanding for compensation.
The car washers have told komboni radio news that the Indian national only identified as Ravash has not met the affected operators.
They say this is despite having been promised financial assistance to set up businesses after evicting them by the named businessman.
The car washers who have been camping at the site in question have vowed not to move until their demands are met.
They added that they are not against the setting up of the filling station but that they also need to be compensated as Zambian citizens.
They have also bemoaned failure by their area member of parliament to defend their interest.
And a check by komboni radio news found the car washers trying to conduct their business while the contractor was on site doing preparatory works ahead of the planned construction of a filling station and a shopping mall.
The land in question also houses the sewer and power lines.
And the contractor disclosed to KOMBONI news that the feasibility studies have been conducted adding that no building will be erected on any of the said lines.

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