A leading opposition MP in Kenya has been arrested a day after he attended the “swearing-in” of Raila Odinga as the “people’s president” at a rally in the capital, Nairobi.

TJ Kajwang, a lawyer, was arrested outside a Nairobi court building, and has been ordered to go to the offices of the Directorate of Criminal Investigation; a Kenyan TV station has tweeted:

Wearing his wig, Mr Kajwang stood next to Mr Odinga as he took the “presidential oath” in front of tens of thousands of opposition supporters at Uhuru Park yesterday:

Meanwhile, Kenya’s Interior Minister Fred Matiang’i has said that Tuesday’s shutdown of the TV stations will remain in force until a full-scale investigation into a “serious breach of security” is concluded.

The three main TV stations were shutdown after they refused to obey a government order not to cover yesterday’s “swearing-in” of opposition leader Raila Odinga, where he declared himself the “people’s president”.

A local journalist tweeted that Mr Matiang’i said that the switch off was done after the state got information that there was a planned “massacre”, which would have been “propelled” by live media coverage:




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