Alangizi are a group of 3 traditional women who teach, groom and solve traditional marriage, puberty or sexual problems. The program was developed to share and reach to people in dire need for help to solve their marriage and bedroom problems. Drawn from the traditional setting, Alangizi as traditional women teachers groom a woman in two (2) scenarios. Firstly, when they attain puberty and secondly, when they are ready for marriage. Rated 18 and above the traditional program focuses on marriage issue in line with the traditional ceremonies/practices and culture of the Zambian people. Stretching from the practices of matebeto, chilanga mulilo, tiyola, vipeko, tumbale, imbusa, kitchen party just to mention a few, the program digs dipper to bring out suspected traditional spells or love potions that can be cast on an individual in marriage affecting their role in a home be it sexual, spiritual or social. 

Via text messages, phone calls, or facebook, the audience is invited to share their personal problems of love, heart break, childlessness, early child marriages, traditional health issues, just to mention a few. This program on Komboni Radio discusses and brings in the limelight various problems, agony and predicament that people in the homes’ experience in their day to day lives. Inspired by the saying a problem shared is a problem solved. Alangizi aims at finding solutions, no matter what your need is.

Komboni Radio has the technology, expertise and capacity to embrace and engage as many stakeholders as possible to find a solution that best suits you. We do not pretend to be ‘all things to all people’ or ‘best at everything’. Our goal is to find the best way forward that require our care and service offering.

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