Lusaka City Council (LCC) management has reminded Council Police officers to uphold professionalism as they counduct anti-vending activities around the city.


The reminder follows complainants on some social media platforms by some concerned residents about the alleged Council police brutality against vendors during anti-vending activities.


In a statement issued to the media today by the office of the Town Clerk, the complaints about Council police officers beating vendors and using abusive language against them cannot be allowed by management because it is unprofessional.


The statement further reads that it has, however, been difficult for Council management to investigate the complaints because no affected vendors have come forward to Council to report any incidences of Council police brutality.


The council says all the people who are complaining on social media are claiming to be eye witnesses without bringing out specifics or evidence that can help Council management to act.


The Council has since urged residents who may be affected by the unprofessional conduct of any Council employees are free to report such conduct to the office of the town clerk or any other relevant institutions.

Meanwhile, the local authority is appealing to all marketeers who have abandoned their stands in various markets and gone to trade in the streets to go back in the markets as street vending still remains banned under the law and has the council has the mandate to enforce the law.

The Council states that the Statutory Instrument (SI) No. 12 of 2018 is still very much in force and it is the responsibility of all local authorities in the Republic of Zambia to continue enforcing it.


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