Unisa says it can’t afford a 10 percent wage hike for Nehawu workers who have been on strike at Unisa’s 11 regions.
The university is offering 4.5 percent, saying that it has been operating on a deficit of approximately R1-billion in the last two years and that their decision has been influenced by its financial difficulties.
Protests have disrupted registration but, management has been considering an extension.
Nehawu blames the financial problems at Unisa on corruption and mismanagement.
ENCA reports that outsourced workers” from the University of South Africa (UNISA) in Pretoria downed tools on Tuesday over a pay hike dispute.
Workers said they wanted the university management to “abide by an agreement” to pay them a “reasonable” wage and to employ them under the institution rather than “outsourcing them”.
This work stoppage comes after two months of protests by workers from Pretoria’s higher education institutions.

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