The most anticipated “RED” album by Zambian Rapper Tiye P is finally set for release next week.
The former Alpha Entertainment affiliate who has been in the game for over five years disclosed to Komboni Radio Entertainment news that the “RED” album will be out on the third of February which also happens to be his birthday.
TIYE P says he has worked with various artists on his 15 track album such WEZI, DOPE G, and REVERB among others.
TIYE P last year came under fire from some sections of society for the controversial art work for his “Party Harder” single that features Jay Rox and Slap D.
The picture that had everyone talking, was a painting that was done by Leornado da Vinci depicting Jesus and His disciples with Mary in a very compromising mode during the last supper.
Some people were not so pleased with this and strongly condemned the Art work calling it “unchristian”.

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