Residents of Thornpark residential area have called on the authorities to facilitate the construction of speed humps on the newly constructed roads in that area.
In an interview, the residents stressed that there is urgent need to erect speed humps especially near Thorn Park School.
Grant Kolala laments that the absence of speed humps on the newly constructed roads has continued to put the lives of residents especially school going children in danger as some drivers are over speeding on the said roads.
And another resident Martin Mulenga emphasized on the need for the authorities to erect speed humps on the said road before lives are lost.
And when contacted, Silwizya ward 13 councilor Tarcisious Ndolesha assured residents that plans to erect speed humps in the newly constructed roads in Thornpark are underway.
The civic leader explained that speed humps and other road markings and signs will also be as soon as all paper work is completed.

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