The threat to publish the names of suspected homosexuals in Tanzania has been defended by the deputy health minister in a fierce row on twitter.
Homosexual acts are illegal in the east African nation and punishable by up to 30 years in jail.
Those who advertised homosexual activities online would also be targeted the politician warned.
Twitters accused him of homophobia and infringing on the right to freedom of expression online.
But Hamis Kigwangalla argued that homosexuality did not scientifically exist and was a social construct.
In a tweet written in Swahili and English, he asked people whether they have come across a gay goat or bird and further charged that homosexuality is not biological but unnatural.
The 42 year-old who is a medical doctor by profession, argued that homosexuality could only be associated with an urban lifestyle.
He said in a small town in central Tanzania where he came from, there were no homosexuals.

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