Rockview University Vice chancellor Dr. Hosea Lupando Chishala has refutes allegations that students who are on bursaries are being forced to work as general workers for their bursaries at the institution.
In an interview with Komboni radio news, Dr. Chishala said allegations that students on 100 percent bursary are being used as general workers are false and baseless.
He disclosed that the university gives scholarships to vulnerable students who cannot manage to pay their tuition fees and some ask management to if the can do some work in order to raise extra money for other school expenses.
And Dr Chishala has justified the 50 Kwacha penalty fee that students are being charged per day for failure to settle their outstanding tuition arrears.
He explained that management had made it very clear in the student’s acceptance letters that any delay to pay tuition fees will attract a penalty fee.
On Sunday, some students at Rockview University complained about what they termed as exorbitant penalty fees being charged by management for delaying to pay tuition fees.
The students lamented that fees being demanded by management were too high for most of them to afford.

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