Government has implored parents to commit themselves to take their children to school as it’s a great investment.
Reacting to complaints by some parents who have failed to pay for their children’s school fees, ministry of General education spokesperson Hilary Chipango has told Komboni radio news that parents must plan for their children and ensure that they are taken to school.
Mr Chipango clarified that free education is from grade one to seven adding that parents must be prepared to pay for their children’s secondary education.
Meanwhile, Mr Chipango has refuted claims that school fees in government schools are very high.
He says the fees have been moderated in order to allow every parent to pay for their children.
The General education spokesperson explains that school fees help to enhance the provision of quality education that the government is trying to achieve.
Last week some parents complained that they have failed to take their children to school owing to what they termed as exorbitant fees being charged by government schools.

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