Lusaka Mayor Miles Sampa says the Council has intensified sensitization and awareness in ensuring that Cholera outbreak does not occur in Lusaka upon the first rains.

Mr Sampa said Council Officials are busy passing door to door to verify if everyone has registered for garbage collection and those found in breach will be penalized.

Mr Sampa said that in order to fight cholera, the council is on the ground ensuring that all residents in the city have clean drinking water and have chlorine in all public toilets used in bus stations, bars and markets to enhance acceptable health standards for trading places.

He disclosed that the council has been around in all the epicenters such as Kanyama, Mtendere, Misisi and Chipata compounds to remind people not to drink water from shallow wells and if they use water from these wells they should boil it before drinking,” he said.

Meanwhile, the Mayor reiterated the desire to decongest traffic in the city by introduction of communal buses.

Mr Sampa explained that people can leave their cars home because there is a reliable time bus but that can leave a certain destination and arrive in town with or without passengers.

The civic leader disclosed that his Council is in the process of formulating a bus company owned by the council.

He revealed that the Council will procure 70 buses, ten for each constituency in the city.

Mr Sampa said this move will ease the transportation blues in Lusaka.

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