The main objective of the upcoming music chart is to encourage upcoming and the so called established Zambian artists to work extra hard and penetrate on the international market like other African countries.

As an entertainment program, the upcoming artist top 20 will embrace entertainment news, latest gossip, up close with upcoming artists.

As you may already know, there is always a new song released somewhere within Zambia by an upcoming artist.

With the dynamics of the entertainment industry in Zambia a lot of upcoming artists face challenges to have their music recognized and get air play either on radio or in night clubs.

It is well known fact now that komboni Radio has taken center stage in the growth of upcoming music and a hub of Zambian music promotion through its various strategic initiatives like upcoming Artist Top 20, upcoming Artist music blog and Upcoming Artist musical Awards.

Our reputation and passion for upcoming musicians and Zambian music in general is in no doubt an added advantage for the upcoming artist to benefit from their works.


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