Residents of Lusaka’s John Laing Compound have appealed to government to consider building a Police Post to curb criminal activities in that community.
Mr. James Sinyangwe complained to a Komboni radio news team that visited the community that civil and criminal activities are sky rocketing in the area due to lack of a police post.
Mr Sinyangwe says residents are finding it challenging to cover long distances to report crime to other townships that have police posts.
He laments that hardly a day passes by without hearing of someone being attacked or a house broken into.
And the residents also disclosed that an unidentified man was recently discovered dead in the area after he was attacked by criminals who have taken advantage of the absence of police presence in John Laing compound.
Another resident who declined to be named charged that the porous security situation in the area has forced many business outlets to close early for fear of being robbed by criminals who have invaded the community.
They have since called on the government to ensure that a police post is built in order to restore sanity in the area.

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