Chimpombwa Soccer League


The Komboni Chimpobwa soccer league has not only highlighted the need to tap into the grassroots’ soccer players (Children aged between 7-15), especially from the high density areas for the purposes of improving both the number and quality of potential future soccer players available for deployment to the National Soccer Team, but also a unique measure to deter chimpombwa3young people and children from engaging in illicit activities like drugs, under age alcohol drinking, criminal activities to mention only a few.

In the context of the Komboni Chimpombwa Soccer league Agenda, it is stressed that there must be alternatives to engage the growing minds to focus on their developmental needs if they have to be prevented from indulging in illicit activities. It is against this background that Komboni Chimpombwa proposes a Threefold Inter-linked project necessary to address children and young people’s welfare through healthy developmental habits. This will include a core team to support the coordination of ‘Chimpombwa’ in the high density areas countrywide – with other provinces slowly being introduced depending on the level of engagement, funds and human resource available.

Every Year, Komboni Chimpombwa organises a variety of activities different in scale and character. Activities will include, for each of the 10 provinces of Zambia; a series of  Chimpombwa elimination tournaments within different compounds; Chimpombwa Champions at provincial level; Road Shows to raise awareness; broadcast on community radio stations countrywide; filming and production of a Chimpombwa Television Program and Live coverage of selected Chimpombwa soccer tournaments. With this project, Komboni Chimpombwa aspires to bring about developmental projects that will be appreciated by children from various backgrounds. To share with them, the passion of playing soccer with possible growth; about challenges that affects them and about what is happening countrywide that will inspire them in their daily endeavours. Working together with numerous Zambian broadcast media, community representatives, Komboni champions, the project aims to incite a series of attractive, accessible and relevant rural/high density area community events for the young in Zambia.