The Evangelical Fellowship of Zambia has noted with concern the escalating numbers of spouse related murder cases.
EFZ vice chairperson Bishop Fortune Mwiza has told Komboni radio news in a telephone interview that the church mother body is deeply concerned with the continued spouse murder cases being recorded in the country.
And Bishop Mwiza has attributed this to failure by marriage couples to involve God in their union.
The clergyman has also noted that infidelity and failure to dialogue has been another contributing factor to the recent spouse killings that have been witnessed in the country.
The EFZ Vice Chairperson has since implored couples in the country to resolve their marital issues in an amicable manner and seek guidance from their church elders.
Bishop Mwiza was commenting on the continued spouse murder cases that have continued to be recorded in the country.
On Monday Prominent Lusaka businessman Reeves Malambo aged 48 was allegedly murdered by his girlfriend after a dispute while in another case, police have launched a man hunt for a 22 year old man of Lusaka’s Kaunda square who brutally murdered his girlfriend and her 1 year 8 months old baby.

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