Residents of Lusaka’s David Kaunda compound have bemoaned the lack of development in the area and have called on the area councilor to fulfill his campaign promises.
The residents talked to, complained to Komboni radio news that the area has been sidelined on many developmental projects happening in Kabwata constituency despite numerous calls to have the area considered.
And residents cited poor road network as one of the areas that need to be worked on.
They have also called on the area councilor to visit his ward and hear people’s concerns as they are willing to work with him in order to foster development in the community.
And when contacted for a comment, Lumbwa ward 15 councilor Humphrey Kapapula says plans to improve the road network in David Kaunda compound are underway.
Councilor Kapapula stressed that the community will now be considered for various developmental projects following the sale of houses to sitting tenants by David Kaunda High school.

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