The main water treatment plant in Zimbabwe’s capital – which shut down on Monday – is temporarily reopening.

It is a move which will bring a degree of relief to the city’s residents at a time when there are also fears of water-borne diseases.

Drought has had an impact but the country’s water woes are also linked to the deepening economic crisis in Zimbabwe.

The water crisis is a massive inconvenience for the two million people living in Harare – many residents have been forced to queue up at night to get water.

The opposition-run Harare City Council blames President Emmerson Mnangagwa’s government for the economic problems that has meant it cannot afford chemicals for the water treatment plant.

The government says the council is appallingly mismanaged and it also says people have not been paying their bills.

There are now enough chemicals to get the treatment plant working again, but only for a few days.

The city’s acting mayor Enock Mupamawonde said chemicals that would last a week had been found from local suppliers.

Zimbabweans are becoming more and more frustrated by the economic crisis and that is a major threat to President Mnangagwa’s government.

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