The looting of shops and public violence flared up in Jeppestown again on Monday evening.
Police fired stun grenades and rubber bullets as they clashed with a group of hostel dwellers overnight.
Police spokesperson Brigadier Mathapelo Peters said that a crowd of about 200 people from George Goch were planning to loot shops in the area, similar to the events of Sunday night.
Peters said the police were forced to use rubber bullets and stun grenades after the crowd had started barricading the M2.
But the police, together with Metro Police, were able to clear the road,”
Peters said that foreign shop owners from Jeppestown in Johannesburg requested police escort to move their goods to a safe place.
ENCA reports that On Sunday night one person was arrested after shops were looted in the area.

Police say they can’t confirm at this stage weather the violence is xenophobia related and if foreign owned shops were targeted exclusively.
Calm returned to the area on Tuesday morning but police were monitoring the situation.
No one has been arrested for Monday night’s violence and the extent of damage to property was still being evaluated.

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