The United Party for National development (UPND) says it will not participate in the dialogue process being spearheaded by the Zambia Inter Party Dialogue (ZCID).


UPND Secretary General Stephen Katuta has however stated that his party remains committed to genuine dialogue that is being facilitated by the three Church Mother Bodies.


And Mr Katuta has charged that the ZCID is not UPND spokesperson for them to malicious continue to mislead the nation that his party agreed to participate and nominate eminent persons to chair the national dialogue.


Mr Katuta stressed that the UPND have been very clear with their position that the ZCID has a conflict of interest and has no capacity to lead the process as they are assuming the role of a player and a referee at the same time.


The UPND has also alleged that the ZCID is being sponsored by the PF Government and UPND being a member of the ZCID, cannot allow the continued peddling of clear and calculated clandestine positions to sway members of the UPND on national dialogue.


He has also wondered why the PF has objected to the three Church mother bodies to lead the dialogue process against what stakeholders agreed in Siavonga recently that the church should facilitate the dialogue.


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