Komboni Radio introduced the 1st ever Komboni Radio Musical Awards for Upcoming Artists. An event designed to cater for raw untapped talent in the music industry appreciate, celebrate and promote local upcoming artists and music.

With Komboni radio now past 5 years old in broadcasting, Komboni Radio compiled countless new music from upcoming artists filling up a server of untapped talent in the music industry. Currently, with the overwhelming growth of the upcoming music entries beyond the Radio station’s expectation, Komboni radio has dedicated every week day from 11:00 hours to 12:00hours to an upcoming artist music show on Komboni radio, being the proffered radio station of new talent and upcoming musicians to make their mark. This ensures maximum airplay for upcoming artists at the same time tapping onto new grounds to redefining the way music will be sang, listened to and enjoyed generation to generation. The epic of the upcoming music compilation is the Komboni Radio Musical Awards for upcoming Artist currently with a total of 19 categories. The number of categories may increase or decrease as change may dictate in the future. The event is held on or around the 24th of October of every year

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