Most of the people who reside in high density areas work as track drivers. Engaged in cross border trade, track drivers travel for months away from their families as a source of living. With Komboni Radio on the Muvi TV dish, streaming live on , Facebook, twitter and Instagram we create a platform to re-establish communication with families back home via Mwachusa Radio Program. By tuning in to Komboni Radio via live streaming on, Facebook, Instagram, Muvi Tv decorder or our Copperbelt frequency on 90.9FM, families re-unite by sending greetings and communicating. Mwachusa gives a platform for the Zambian truck drivers on the road and also creates interaction with foreign track drivers within the country.

To be aired once a week, this is a ‘want to’ sponsor program as it digs dipper into the life of track drivers and their journeys.With up-close and personal with the truck drivers, each segment will narrate a story to tell of how their journeys are and life away from home. The survival games of the truck drivers will be shared and its only on Komboni radio.

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