Giving you the international soccer championship as only a highlight, but concentrating on the local leagues, in soccer, rugby, darts, netball, pool, chess, bass ball, draft to mention only a few. Komboni Sports news takes you to areas that only but a few are able to reach. With our strategic project teams, we have the scoop of what is happening, where it is happening at the same time getting maximum audience for advertising guaranteed.

Komboni Radio Sports News is brought to you weekly and is available for sponsorship. This exciting program which will have synergies with Chimpobwa soccer league, in as far as mentions on how the chimpombwa league looks like, provides a wide scope for any advertiser with the intention of reaching the customer directly having a physical presence. The sports news goes deeper to interact with sporting activities in the roots of high-density areas both in Lusaka and the Copperbelt.

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