A court in Sudan has sentenced to death a young woman for killing her husband after he allegedly raped her as his male relatives restrained her.

The judge in Omdurman confirmed the death penalty for Noura Hussein after her husband’s family refused to accept financial compensation.

Human rights groups are calling for her conviction to be overturned.

Ms Hussein, who is now 19, was forced into the marriage at the age of 16 and had tried to run away.

She is said to have wanted to finish her education and train as a teacher.

Her case has attracted widespread attention on social media where a campaign called #JusticeforNoura has been trending on Twitter

Ms Hussein took refuge at her aunt’s house but three years later she says she was tricked into returning home by her own family who then handed her back to her husband.

After six days she says he recruited some of his cousins who allegedly held her down as he raped her.

When he allegedly attempted to do the same the following day she lashed out at him with a knife and stabbed him to death.

She then ran back to her parents who surrendered her to the police.


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