The Gupta brothers have denied they are fugitives from South Africa’s justice system, according to eNCA reporter Karyn Maughan.

She says their lawyer accuses South Africa’s police force of issuing statements which are “malicious, misleading and simply incorrect”.

She adds that the lawyer has demanded the police provide proof of an arrest warrant for Ajay Gupta, adding they were not in the country when raids on their properties took place.

The brothers have been accused of using their friendship with former President Jacob Zuma to wield enormous political influence.

They have always denied any wrongdoing.

However, the raids were linked to the Vrede dairy farm, a scheme which was originally meant to help poor black farmers but from which the Gupta family are alleged to have pocketed millions of dollars – allegations they deny.

And, according to Ms Maughan’s tweets, there are questions over whether the Vrede farm investigation was the reason for the Ajay Gupta arrest warrant.



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