Some residents have castigated Lusaka Mayor Miles Sampa over a picture that has gone viral on social media where he was seen posing with a gun.
In an interview with Komboni Radio news, the residents charged that it was wrong for the mayor who is supposed to lead by example to pose with a gun threatening his perceived enemies.
The residents say that instead of threatening violence, the Mayor should be preaching peace as he is the father of the city.

Lusaka Mayor Miles Sampa has since apologized over the photos he posted on social media in which he posed holding a pistol in his right hand and threatening to shoot illegal land sellers.

In a statement Mr. Sampa said he regrets his action as it was out of context.

Mr. Sampa explains that his photo posting was as a result of the experience he had on Monday the 27th of August this week when he was almost abducted by alleged PF thugs.

He states that he felt that his life was in danger and that out of consequent trauma, he posted the said photos.


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