Komboni Stwa Donsa

Developed in 2014, Komboni Stwa is a concept derived from the prisons. With little or no entertainment, inmates in prisons 428176720_6e4683251f_zdeveloped a story telling platform as part of entertaining themselves and being preoccupied.

Our stringent research and development practices of most highly visited place that is followed by hospitals in Zambia revealed the prisons. This redefined the playing field of the use of untapped audiences for advertising. Komboni Stwa has been strategically developed to engage as many stakeholders as possible bridging the gap between prison life and outside world, using the many families of the inmates. We realise that every business is different and therefore has unique needs, calling for that ‘extra something’ that should give our client exclusive benefits.

With majority of the population countrywide sharing experiences and predicaments makes Komboni Stwa the program of your choice for reaching out to the masses.