Liberian nurse Salome Karwah was one of those named as Time magazine’s person of the year in 2014 for her frontline work against Ebola.
She died in Monrovia last week after giving birth to a son.
Her husband told the BBC that nurses were unwilling to touch her for fear of contracting Ebola – even though she recently tested negative for Ebola.
The hospital has not commented, and officials say they are investigating the death.
James Harris said his wife had given birth to their fourth child by Caesarean section on 17 February – but had to be rushed back to hospital after suffering complications.
They were kept waiting in their vehicle for three hours because the nurses were afraid to touch her, Mr Harris said.

He also alleged that the hospital had discharged her early after the Caesarean, even though “her blood pressure was high”.
Mr Harris said his wife had lost many relatives to Ebola including her parents but she survived and had benefited from a US-Liberian vaccine regime.
Liberia was one of the three West African states devastated by the 2014 Ebola outbreak. Even before the epidemic, and after 14 years of brutal conflict, the country’s healthcare system was in crisis

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