First Issued: March 16, 2020

As the campaign stage for the 2021 general elections gets set, we at Komboni Radio assert the significance of being impartial, not only in our news coverage, but also in what we disseminate through our airwaves.
More importantly, in sticking with our mission and social responsibility of putting our esteemed listeners and the citizens of Zambia above all else, Komboni Radio has resolved to not accept political ads and/or political messages (including airing of political party announcements and political party rallies) from all political parties. Additionally, we will monitor our social media platforms which include: Komboni Radio Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and WhatsApp.

Komboni Radio does not take the role of the media in enhancing democracy through the electoral process lightly. To that effect, we intend to use our formidable market share for purposes of civic education and information dissemination aimed at sensitizing voters about the voting process and related malpractices.

Our ambition is to undertake programming and development of various advertising strategies that appeal to different communities, age groups and catchment areas in order to address voter apathy. We understand that such an undertaking requires concerted efforts and are working at securing partnerships with pertinent organizations who share our interest of sensitizing the Zambian public about their franchise. We anticipate having our ambition in motion by June 2020.

With our vast radio listenership in Lusaka Province (which has an estimated population of about 2.5 million people), the Copperbelt Province (with a population estimate of over 2 million) and surrounding areas, we at Komboni Radio believe that our impact in addressing voter apathy — through our airwaves and social media platforms, including our website — cannot be emphasized enough.

Komboni Radio … Hakuna Kulala!

Issued by: Lesa Kasoma

CEO, Komboni Radio

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