Upcoming Music Awards


With the original concept developed by Komboni radio in 2013, Komboni Awards for upcoming artists is an annual event that kr_toon_11aims at tapping Grassroot musicians.


Komboni awards for Upcoming Artist will be awards that will appreciate and celebrate local Zambian Music and Musicians, with much emphasis on upcoming artist. The awards will be organized by Komboni Radio, using its platform to market and host the awards, engaging other media institutions at various levels. The organization and hosting of the awards will be influenced by the people who are the audience and potential audience of Komboni Radio, giving a more representative approach in awarding deserving artists. The listeners, supporters and the general public will nominate and vote for various artists who will perform exceptionally in various categories during each particular year.

Objectives of the event include, promoting Zambian Music as well as increase appreciation of the Music Industry, promoting upcoming artists at grassroot level, to grow the music entertainment to involve the marginalized communities, to broaden exciting programmes for Radio and establish an outreach program at grassroot level



Komboni Radio will collect untapped music from all grassroot musicians countrywide and air it on Komboni Radio for exposure. The Radio Station will Request the listeners to nominate the various artists according to various categories. The artists with highest nominations will be placed in a group which they have been nominated in.  Once the nominations are made and categorized. The audience will be requested to vote for the best within the particular category. The voting process will include, but not limited to SMS’s, telephone calls, newspapers and electronic media. The votes will be conducted for a period of two months and will be gathered and counted two days before the award ceremony.

The award ceremony will be held every 24th of October as part of the independence celebrations. The ceremony will involve an audience which will pay to be in the venue of the Awards giving ceremony. A number of artists will perform as part of entertainment, while the ceremony is conducted. Every year, the event is scheduled to be held in Siavonga South Province Zambia.