Mwembeshi Ward 27 councilor Kelvin Kaunda has assured residents of Chunga Township that the local authority is committed to providing clean and safe drinking water in that community.

In an interview with Komboni radio news, Councilor Kaunda disclosed that the local authority has already procured a water tank that will soon be installed to replace the one that was damaged last year.

He stressed that he understands how difficult it has been for the residents in his ward to live without constant water supply especially during this period when Cholera has broken out.

The civic leader has reiterated that he is doing everything possible to ensure that the water tank is quickly installed in order to mitigate the water challenges being experienced in that area.

Mr Kaunda was responding to complaints from residents of Chunga Township who expressed concern over the lack of constant water supply following the damage that was caused to a water tank that supplies the commodity to that community.

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