Governance activist McDonald Chipenzi has defended the appointment of Charmaine Musonda as the UPND candidate for the Chilanga Parliamentary by-election.

Mr Chipenzi says it is unfortunate that people are raising moral issues which are not prescribed in the electoral law and the Zambian constitution.

He states that the current constitution does not discriminate or cast aspersion at any aspirant based on morality adding that it is therefore unfair for people to condemn the appoint of Ms Musonda based on morals.

Mr Chipenzi charged that unless the country legislate or introduces a moral clause in our laws as a qualification like what happened to the grade twelve clause, he sees nothing wrong with the appointment of Ms. Musonda as the UPND candidate for the Chilanga Sit.

He has since appealed to members of the public to respect the Chilanga grassroots’ decision and allow Ms Musonda represent them since she meets all legal and party requirement for being nominated and elected as MP.

The opposition UPND has adopted jailed former Chilanga Member of Parliament Keith Mukata’s girlfriend as its candidate for Chilanga by-elections.

Charmaine Musonda was arrested with Mr Mukata and jointly charged for the murder of Mr Mukata security guard.

Ms Musonda was however acquitted by the Lusaka High Court.


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