Chief Sinadambwe in Siavonga district of southern province has thanked siavonga local authority for constructing Sinadambwe rural health centre which is about to be commissioned in his chiefdom.

Chief Sinadambwe disclosed that the local authority patterned with his subjects to build a rural health centre that will help his subjects seek medical attention once commissioned.

The traditional leader has also noted that the commissioning of sinadambwe rural health centre will help his subjects not to travel long distances to receive medical services.

He has called on government to send health workers to the rural health centre once commissioned.

And Sinadambwe ward councillor Ostern Hamyongwa has also thanked the local authority for constructing Sinadambwe rural health centre.

Mr. Hamyongwa who is also siavonga district council vice chair person said that the health centre will improve the health standards of sinadambwe residents.

He has urged Sinadambwe residents to protect the facility once commissioned.

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