About Komboni Radio Champions


Komboni Radio Champions is a platform created for komboni people to share, interact and collaborate on issues aftecting them, the goal of the platform is to create a social media with the komboni emphasises meaning people will be able to share things affecting them in their respective komboni.


You too can be part of this fun by joining the Komboni Radio Champion Blog.

create an account in THREE easy steps


1. Creating An Account

Enter your details in the fields provided, Your User-name (used for login), Names in Full, Choose a strong password, Enter Your Phone Number (Komboni Radio will use this to contact you)

2. Editing Your Profile


Go in the right top corner to access your profile setting. You can

  • Edit your name and username
  • Upload your profile picture and  cover picture
  • Change your password
  • Subscribe and add yourself to “Ma-Komboni”

A newly created account will be in monitered mode pending approval from admins, in this mode you can only view your profile and wont be able to interact with others, you can use this to add more information to your profile.

3. Interact with komboni members

Once your account has been approved (within 24Hours) you will be able to interact in two main ways

Interacting in Streams

Interacting in Muma Komboni

Komboni Radio continually monitor streams to ensure that people adhere to our terms, We reserve the right to delete posts, comments or  profiles if found violating our terms.

You are not allowed to

Promote hate speech or make tribal remarks

Use discriminatory or vulgar language

Advertise or promote any product or service

The Blog is entirely for interacting and news sharing purposes